Welcome to Berry Hill Farm!

We’re glad that you have stopped in to visit us. Take your time, explore the place and enjoy your stay!

Who we are and what we do


Hillary, the BHF ambassador

Don’t get the wrong idea from that picture! We’re just a couple of transplanted city slickers who thought that it would be fun to have a place in the country. Then we bought the farm…well, a farm needs animals so, we began reading about beef cattle and quickly discovered all of the advantages of raising beef cattle on grass, not grain through sustainable farming practices and low-stress animal handling. Smitten with the idea of producing a wholesome food for ourselves and our friends all while being good stewards of the land, we’ve immersed ourselves in learning all we can about about our animals, the soil and plants and how to manage this amazing system. We’ll never learn everything there is to know but meanwhile, we’ll have fun trying!Explore our website, learn about our farm, our beef and our way of doing things. Or, come visit us in person! We enjoy company and love to share the farm with others.

And, here’s a shameless plug for something totally different that we’re pretty excited about: Zipp-E-Bikes! Zipp-E-Bikes is my son and daughter-in-law’s electric bicycle rental outfit in Galveston, Texas! They rent really cool electric bikes made by Rad Power Bikes. Visit their site (Zipp-E-Bikes) to find out more about them! Next time you visit Galveston, make some time to rent a bike and tour the city in a fun, unique way!

We have one simple goal at Berry Hill Farm: “When you leave, we hope you can’t wait until the next time you come back!”